Please note before buying beats that these beats are not for lease, when you lease a beat from a producer you do NOT OWN the rights to the beat, so that producer can resale that beat as many times as they like to as many other artists as they like. WE DON’T DO THAT! THESE ARE PROFESSIONAL STUDIO QUALITY ALBUM READY EXCLUSIVE BEATS that you can buy the rights to right now and use on your professional demo or album or mixtape or anything you like without having to pay any other fees to us. Once you purchase a beat from us, it is YOURS! – The only thing you CANT DO is resale our beats to someone else WITHOUT your vocals added to it.

All of our beats are available for EXCLUSIVE SALE ONLY. We do not give permission to “use” a beat for any purpose, that way if you hear a beat you like and purchase it you know for sure that you are the ONLY one with that beat and you have permission to use it on your album without paying any additional fees.

We offer many styles of beats. All of our beats are produced using Reason 9 Software.

When you purchase the beat you download an 320 Mbps Mp3 file with is above cd quality. You can also request by email to receive wav files of the STEMS at no additional charge. These will be sent by email/download within 24 hours.

A special added feature of our site makes it possible for you to use our BEAT SEARCH ENGINE to look for certain styles of beats by using keywords.
You can click on the SEARCH BAR and enter any information you like to pull up beats. For instance if you are looking for a “Dark story telling beat with pianos” put that into the search engine and it will pull up beats that match your criteria. If your looking for a beat that has a certain sound in it like Horns or Timpani, record scratchin’ or guitar put that in the search engine and it will pull up the beats your looking for! Its fast and easy!

If you are looking for Beats that sound like or have a similar feeling to a specific artist or producer you can enter that information also and pull up only beats that fit that criteria. For example you can enter Dr. Dre into the search engine and get beats similar to Dre’s style or Timbaland or other well known producers or lets say you are looking for a beat that sounds like something Chris Brown would have on his album. Just enter the name of the artist into the search field and all the beats in that style will come right up.

From time to time we will make custom beats for artists and load them up to the site. If you are an artist that we know personally then there’s a good chance that we have made a few custom beats in your style for you!

This feature also works for artists and customers that we have produced beats for in the past or if we are familiar with your styles, you can enter your OWN name into the search engine also to see if we have produced any beats in your style. Try it out, enter your rap or artist name into the search engine or the name of your favorite emcees or singers and see what we have produced for you.

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