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All of the most successful rap artists in the business work with gifted and talented producers, programmers, musicians, and recording engineers to help them bring their vision into reality and lay down a tight cd project. For the up and coming artist like you, he's or she's doesnt have it quite so easy. The budget for producing a full master quality hip hop album can be very expensive. One thing that can help you cut these costs is if you buy ready-made rap beats and hip hop instrumentals off the internet.

These fully produced royalty free hip hop instrumentals from the net can be a very cost effective option, especially if you are just putting together a demo to showcase your talent. These exclusive instrumental beats can be licensed for very little cash, and usually can be downloaded in the form of a simple wav or mp3 file.

For those that dont know the difference the term "non-exclusive" simply means the site or beat makeris granting you a license to "use" that beat for your demo purposes. This also means that you do NOT OWN THE BEAT. If you make a hot song and start getting ready play for that song you will have a very hard time getting paid because you do NOT OWN the rights to that music for your song. This also means that you can NOT copywrite your song because others may have purchased teh same license to USE that beat and they will have a song with a version of that same music also. This is a very very good reason why if your serious about your music career that you should stay away from non-exclusive or leased beats.

On All Exclusive Beats website we only offer "exclusive" beats which means once you buy the beat from us YOU OWN IT!!! Flat out, no future payments to anyone and no one else has that beat. We only sell each beat one time and give you the full rights to the beat when you purchase it.

Now on other sites this exclusive agreement can mean different things so read the fine print carefully! How it works on the All Exclusive Beats website is simple, an "exclusive" rap beat will cost anywhere from a fifty dollars to a few thousand dollars but once its purchased, we will remove that "exclusive" rap beat or instrumental from our on-site catalog so only you have it for your album. This is a guarantee.

If the fully produced hip hop instrumental is the best option for you, then when checking out beats siteslisten to the quality of the demos presented and ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do the beats sound professional?
  • How do the recorded demos sound?
  • What format will the music be on?
  • Will you have the tools necessary to convert the file into some other format if you needed to?

It's worth mentioning that in some cases, the producers that create certian beats may in fact be terrible recording engineers or my not spend a lot of time on the mixing of the beat and even though the beat may be slammin', the recorded quality or the mix is not good enough for a pro quality demo or album project. In this case make sure that you get your individual wav. files on cd or dvd so you can remix the track in a pro studio with a qualified engineer.

I would also tell anyone who is buying beats on the internet to not assume that the first links you find to "beat-makers" are the best or most qualified just because they are in the top 10 for that search. Certainly visit and start listening to the demos on those sites, but I would suggest you dig even deeper to the beat websites on pages 2, 3, and beyond in your search or of course just continue to buy the best priced beats right here from the Prophecy Productions team. Whatever style your looking for, chances are we have it for sale right here on our website.

When you are searching other sites you will most likely run across some beat and instrumental sites that give you access to thousands of beats after you pay their membership fee. When you see this you have to remember to listen carefully to their production, and their recordings to help you deciding whether that's a good investment or not.

What good is it to have access to thousands of beats, if the audio quality and production is not up to industry standard? And more importantly, what good is it to have access to thousands of beats if you can not legally copywrite them and own them on your cd project?

That actually seems like a waste of money.

In closing you can see that by making the right decisions about what beats to select and making sure to get exclusive rights to the beats, an artist can make the demo of their dreams and do it on a budget.

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